Specimens 2018


Angling members of HSLAA:  please remember to write clearly in the specimen book with name of angler, fish, weight and date. Thank you.

Beach Specimen Fish 2018

BEACH SPECIMENS 2018 Club Spec Size Caught Weight% over Club Spec  Date Caught
M Hinxman SOLE 0.454kg8lb 5.287kg11lb 10.5oz 127.5 26-8-18

Boat Specimen Fish 2018

BOAT SPECIMENS 2018   Club Spec Size   Caught Weight   % over Club SpecDate Caught
S Carroll  BULL HUSS3.629kg8lb 5.287kg11lb 10.5oz 145.70  3-9-18
 R Lavender CONGER 20.412kg45lb 26.337kg58lb 1oz 129.03 11-4-18
 T Bertelsen DAB 0.34kg12oz 0.397kg14oz 116.67 8-7-18
 T Bertelsen  GURNARD RED 0.454kg1lb 0.544kg3.2oz 120 3-8-2018
  I Martin GURNARD TUB  1.077kg2lb 6oz 2.466kg5lb 7oz  228.95  23-6-18
 R Dickinson PLAICE 1.021kg2lb 4oz 2.087kg4lb 9.6oz 204.44 15-9-18
 K Sturmer POLLACK 3.629kg8lb 6.917kg15lb 4oz 190.63 14-4-18
 G Bisson  SMOOTH HOUND 4.082kg9lb 5.724kg12lb 9.9oz 140.21 20-7-18
 C Wells  THORNBACK 3.629kg8lb 6.563kg14lb 7.5oz 180.86 1-4-18
 S Carroll  WEAVER FISH 0.227kg8oz 0.544kg1lb 3.2oz 240.00 3-8-18
 K Sturmer  WRASSE BALLAN 1.134kg2lb 8oz 1.437kg3lb 2.7oz 126.75 20-7-18

Fish Of The Month: Boats 2018

 Club Spec Weight Caught Weight % over Club SpecDate Caught
K Sturmer POLLACK  FEBRUARY 3.629kg8lb 5.755kg12lb 11oz 158.59 17-2-18
K Sturmer POLLACK MARCH  3.629kg8lb 6.095kg13lb 7oz 167.97 25-3-18
 K Sturmer  POLLACK APRIL 3.629kg8lb 6.917kg15lb 4oz 190.63 14-4-18
 G Bisson  POLLACK MAY 3.629kg8lb5.693kg12lb 8.8oz 156.88 20-5-18
 I Martin  GURNARD TUB JUNE 1.077kg2lb 6oz 2.466kg5lb 7oz 228.95 23-6-18
 R Lavender  WEAVER FISH JULY 0.227kg8oz 0.425kg15oz 187.5 12-7-18
 S Carroll  WEAVER FISH AUGUST0.227kg8oz 0.544kg1lb 3.2oz 240 3-8-18
 R Dickinson  PLAICE SEPTEMBER 1.021kg2lb 4oz 2.087kg4lb 9.6oz 204.44 15-9-18