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Hastings and St Leonards Angling Association

Established 1895

Treasurer’s Report

In this Annual Report you will find the accounts for year ending 31st December 2020.

It has been a trying year, with the club being open for only 7 months, but from July to the end of October, the club income was higher than expected and it was unfortunate that it had to close from 5th November, therefore cancelling all the Christmas events normally taking place.

Although you will note the deficit in the accounts, we are pleased to say that this was as a result of repairs and maintenance on the building, and had been budgeted for.  The total spent on roof repairs, kitchen refurbishment and other maintenance and fees is £45,613, which accounts for our deficit. Other than that, we have more or less stayed afloat thanks to Government grants. Most of the staff have been furloughed.

We are pleased that most of our members have renewed their subscriptions for 2021. Every year we expect to lose approximately 100 renewals, and this year was slightly higher, but eventually most come back to us during the year and, along with new applications, our numbers stay healthy.

Below you will find Deeks Evans Chartered Accountants notes when initially sending us the draft accounts, which go some way to explaining the income and expenditure for the year.

As expected, there was a considerable reduction in bar sales which were down from £215,132 in 2019 to £98,201 in 2020.  Bar purchases also reduced from £99,265 to £43,966.  Bar wages costs were £69,928 in 2020 down from £82,285 in 2019.

You will see that the bar actually made a loss of £18,287, compared to a profit of £32,891 in 2019.

Gaming machine income reduced from £41,820 to £21,248.  Membership fees were very similar, in the sum of £20,818, slightly up from £20,706 in 2019.

Fortunately the Association received government grants totalling £53,166.

Other expenditure increased from £102,958 in 2019 to £126,164 in 2020.  One of the major reasons for the increase was the expenditure on repairs which totalled £34,983, compared to £12,640 a year earlier.

You will see that the wages for staff, other than bar staff, increased from £28,426 to £39,594.

Overall, the Association’s Accounts showed a loss for 2020 in the sum of £48,406, compared to a loss of £3,773 in 2019.

The Balance Sheet on page 4 shows that the Associations assets at December 2020 were £451,312, compared to £499,718 at December 2019, the reduction being represented by the loss of £48,406 mentioned above.

Included in the current assets figure on the Balance Sheet is the current account bank balance of £13,748, down from £25,611 a year earlier and the bank deposit account balance of £100,744, down from £171,002 at December 2019.                            

Deeks Evans Chartered Accountants

Hastings & St. Leonards Angling Association was founded in 1895 as a freshwater angling club.
In 1904 a sea angling branch was formed and the two branches ran in parallel for a number of years.
The subsequent history of the freshwater branch is not known, but the sea angling branch became the current club.

For many years the club was based at 3 Marine Parade, Hastings, and in 1978 it moved into its present headquarters on the beach and since then the clubhouse has been extended and extensively refurbished.

Hastings Pier played a big part in Club and international competitions, with many of our best and oldest trophies specifically for Pier fishing comps. Unfortunately the closure of the pier in 2006 due to being considered unsafe and the subsequent fire in 2010, meant the loss of the club’s historic connection.

Organised beach and boat angling competitions between members and other associations are held throughout the year along with a varied social event calendar. 

The club also owns a number of small boats and these are available for members to hire at £5 per person per day.

Please use the contact us page for further details.

The total membership of the club, including beach angling (social) members, is 600.

The club is a member of the Angling Trust. Further information about the Angling Trust can be found on their website http://anglingtrust.net

 The association is also affiliated to the British Conger club, further details can be found on their website at http://www.britishcongerclub.org.uk/

Annual Report 1976 saying that plans are well on the way for the new club house