Membership Details


We are a Private Members Club and operate within the guidelines of the Licensing Act 2003 and our own Rule Book. As a member (see below) you, your Associate member and your children can use the facilities in the club, but the principal member may also bring three guests to the club. Your guests must be signed in using the book available at the bar for this purpose. The same guest may only be signed in on one occasion per month, and not more than four times a year. If your guests like coming to the club, perhaps they might like to become a member in their own right!

If you would like to join the club, you can download a form (see below), or why not call in to the club and pick up a form. Or you can phone 01424 430120 or send an email to

We have three types of membership.

Social (Beach Angling) entitles you to use the club and its facilities, including entertainment, the use of the club for functions, and add an Associate member (husband/wife/partner) and your children aged 17 years & under to your subscription at no extra cost.

Full Angling entitles you to use the club and all its facilities, including entertainment, enter club angling competitions, use club boats for fishing, apply for a boat berth, rent a locker, rent outboard engine store, use the workshops and add an Associate member (husband/wife/partner) and your children aged 17 years  & under to your subscription at no extra cost.

Junior Angling: you will become a member of the club and receive a membership card and Rule Book but you won’t have a door card until you are 18 when you will become a Full Angling Member.

Current fees for new members, inclusive of joining fees are as follows:

  • Full Angling £46
  • Full Angling (over 60s) £34
  • Junior Angling (under 18) £7
  • Social Beach Angling (18-59) £29
  • Social Beach Angling (over 60s) £26

The club also offers Full Angling Members the following facilities:

  • Boat berths £10 per foot p.a.
  • Outboard motor storage £30 p.a.
  • Lockers £25 single p.a., £30 double p.a.



Applications for membership are traditionally reviewed by the Committee at their meetings once a month but we are reviewing weekly at the moment.

Once applications are approved, your Rule Book, membership card and door card will be available from the bar. If it has not been collected within a few days, it will be posted out to you,